Saturday, January 23, 2016

Erini Asaad - Critical Artist Expression - Susan Grabel

Susan Grabel. Venus in Proliferation, sculpture, 2006.

An artist whose work I believe critically addresses social and political issues such as consumerism, homelessness, alienation, and feminist accounts of contemporary culture is Susan Grabel. She is a feminist, social activist, printmaker, and New York sculptor of small human-like clay figures and vignettes who spent over 35 years creating art. Susan was disturbed with the lack of positive image of older women so she began to expose the truth and confront the biases about aging women. Her work for the last decade concentrated on the deglamorized female image. Her work is in the Staten Island Museum and Rowan University Art Gallery as well as many other private collections. She aims to showcase the “beauty of life lived fully as a woman” and worked with the Women’s Caucus for Art in the 1990's to create opportunities for women to advance their art. She continues to be an inspiration.   

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